Go, Al!


Man, I'd really like to see Al Gore in the White House. I like Hillary and Barack, but I think if Al ran that he'd have the best chance of the 3 to be elected.


  1. I also really like Al Gore. My pic for Presidential cadidate though is Bill Richardson--he doesn't have a voting record to haunt him as he has never been in the house or senate. Governors typically do well in presidential races. He has tons of foreign policy experience. He has real charisma. Plus they are saying the western states are what is going tomake this election (we saw that in the mid-terms) and he is from New Mexico. I think he could be the dark horse candidate. Unfortunately if there are early primaries in places like CA than his chances will be severely diminished...early big expensive rimaries mean it will surely be either Hillary or Barack.


  2. Honestly, how sad is it that I'd pretty much be happy to see ANYBODY but Bush in the white house? Though a Dem would be nice...