I must make this mine!

Isn't it beautiful--and only $200?!

I HATE both of the stupid little Canon point-n-shoots we've ended up with. First one (A60) we had an extended warranty with and it gave us so many problems that we ended up with a similar replacement (A520) a year or so later. Well, image quality and focus are just as bad with the replacement. And these cameras generally get great reviews, so I don't know if we've just gotten 2 lemons or what. I love both of my big Canon DSLRs (10D and 20D).

I have seen shots taken with the little Sony Cybershot models and played with a friend's--they are SO superior in quality to what has come out of our dumb compact Canons. Derek likes to blame me and has more than once insinuated that it must be user error. Right. 'Cause I know nothing about operating a camera...[/dripping sarcasm] Besides, he has had no better luck than I have. We have precious few snapshots, since my big cameras aren't practical for taking on outings and I end up frustrated when I take pictures with the defective little camera and they end up looking like out-of-focus, dull, flat, gray garbage.


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