I need a motivational kick in the pants!

Ugh...I hate this weather. It's not snowing (for a change), but it's still cloudy, cold, and windy. It seems I can handle 2 negatives, but throw 3 into the mix and I positively dread runs. For instance, were it sunny, cold, and windy I wouldn't have such a tough time bundling up and getting out...or if it were warm, cloudy, and rainy I'd not give the weather a second thought (heck, running in warm rain is kind of nice). It seems that 1 positive factor has a way of cancelling out 2 negatives. But 3 negatives just suck the motivation out of me altogether. Plus, I'm planning a long run today and when it's much below freezing the liquid in the drinking tube of my Camelbak™ will freeze, making it harder to drink. And I still need to stay hydrated, even when it's cold (especially because the air is so dry).

It doesn't help that I still feel a little under the weather and didn't sleep well last night. It seems that I really only have coughing issues when I am laying flat. I suppose that's when everything wants to settle into my chest and throat. Yuck. I'd probably skip my run today entirely, were it not for the fact that this week was bad both in terms of eating and exercise, so I really need to get out there and get it done. I always feel like I've accomplished something after a long run, too. And that Fifth-Third 25k isn't all that far away, anymore. If I want to be able to build up to the 15.5 miles that I will be running that day (5/12) I can't afford to skip even a single long run.

Off to get dressed. It might still be an hour or two before I get my butt out the door, but if I make the effort to get dressed it will hopefully help motivate me to do my workout.


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