Lazy Dayzy

Dane doesn't have school again until Monday (his teachers are all in NY for a Montessori teaching convention), so for the rest of the week we have no real plans. Today I slept-in until after 10. I think after being sick last week and not sleeping well in at least a week's time that my body really needed that. I went to bed ~midnight and slept a solid 10 hours. Now I feel so much better, though I am sneezing a lot. I don't think it's the cold, though. I think it's all the thawing and an increase in mold. My Allegra isn't doing much to help (seems to do well with pollen/hayfever allergies, but not so well with mold).

Speaking of school, I have been working on getting Dane's application for the charter Montessori school down near Derek's work completed. Next Thurs. we are scheduled for a tour of their new facility. I REALLY hope Dane gets a lottery spot there. Otherwise we are planning to enroll him in a Montessori program in Muskegon that goes through 3rd grade and keep trying to get him into the free charter program in the coming years. It would be especially convenient, as wel plan to move back down near Derek's work, so he could be with the same kids through 8th grade if we are able to enroll him in that program.

After lunch I have plans to do my Cathe Friedrich Muscle Max workout. I just won a used copy of her Supersets & Push Pull workouts DVD (gotta find and inflate my yoga ball before I can do those) on eBay, too, so I hope to rotate the 3 workouts in the coming weeks, in addition to running. My plan is to run 4-5 days/week and do 2 days of strength training now that the weather is starting to improve.

Tomorrow Dane and I are planning to go down and have lunch with Derek. I am DYING for a shamrock shake from McDonald's, so it will be my free meal of the week. I'm working on eating low calorie ~5 days/week and then 2 days of higher calories, to average ~1650 calories or so every week. I *should* lose about a pound/week doing this. Still have 15#s to go to be where I want.