Oh, happy day!

I think my son is reading! Only a little over a month ago we started him on low-dose Ritalin for his mild ADHD and now he is reading some simple words...he just turned 6 2 weeks ago. I am floored!

Today his teacher sent home a very simple little book for him to read TO us over the weekend. Something akin to a Dick & Jane book in its simplicity and repetition of sounds and rhymes. Somewhere we have some of those little paperback BOB books floating around that he should read, too.

Everyone with direct association with Dane is astounded by the amazing progress he has made in such a short time. I once poo-poo'd ADD/ADHD and medicating kids who were simply a little unruly--until I had a kid of my own whose overly active behavior and inability to focus made it nearly impossible for him to do the things that everyone knew he was capable of. Even basic things like getting dressed and out the door on time in the mornings are SO much simpler when it's not a fight to keep him on task.



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