Pink, pink, what's wrong with pink...?

...Seems you've got a pink kink in your think!

So what's with all the pink, you might ask? Well, I used to hate pink. Pink was a color that was shunned in my wardrobe. I used to favor black and red. I still like those colors, but it seems that when I lost weight a few years back that I embraced my inner girly-girl and along with all of the "fat clothes" I rid my closet of, I seem to have developed quite a penchant for pink. I'm certain having a child who is quite the boy's boy likely had something to do with it, too. Living with an adult male, a minor male, and 2 male cats (until last June that # was 3) leaves me feeling like I'm drowning in a sea of testosterone, some days. Hmmm...can I blame the acne flare-ups (heh, those are pink, too) on airborne testosterone, perhaps?

I also like the musician, P!nk, and the association of the color with feminism and breast cancer research support. And it doesn't hurt that it's such a flattering color on every skin-tone. I can't really think of any color of Human flesh that isn't attractive in at least one shade or hue of pink. That can't be said for all colors (I'm looking at you, orange).

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