TGIF...I'm exhausted

Blah. I really need a weekend. I have spent most of this past week fighting some sort of bug. Mostly it has made sleep difficult, and yesterday I felt really weak trying to do my weight workout. Today I had wanted to do my long run for the week, but given that I have done some sort of exercise nearly every day for 2 weeks straight I decided to simply take the day off. As it is I can barely keep my eyes open, much less muster the energy to actually go for even a short run. Hopefully I can get that run in tomorrow. I am starting to feel guilty, as my run on Weds. was also cut short by problems with one of my pair of shoes (apparently all the running in snow and strength-training I've done in the past month has made my legs strong enough to not require the level of stability in those shoes, so running in them led to serious pain after a couple of miles--sucks, since they were $$ and only have ~100 miles logged on them).

I've also eaten very poorly all week...weekends are always pretty off, but then Tues. was "Fat Tuesday" and being sick has pretty much caused me to throw all food-related cares to the wind. Reduced activity + poor eating will likely = a return of some #age to the scale. Crap.

I think I'm figuring this format out. Apparently the full WYSIWYG editor does not work on Safari. That's an issue I had with my Delphi blog, too, but I can do some javascript and feeds here, so that still puts this format ahead of my prior blog. I think I'm gonna like it here.

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