Thinking about cutting my hair...

Not a la Britney, but shorter than it currently is--something like the attached photos, maybe. Right now it is shoulder-length and I am growing out some layers. I don't want to go really short, though it's fun...too much maintenance, need to use too much product that would sweat into my eyes. While I LIKE my hair sorta long, it's babyfine and straight as a pin, so even though it's fairly thick it always looks flat.

Any suggestions? I am thinking about going chin-length, that way I can put the front back in a barette for running, but still have my neck exposed. I'm kind of tired of having to put it all up when the weather is warm. It's kind of a pain while wearing a wicking baseball type hat on my runs.

Ideas? Pictures?



  1. Ooh, I think chin length would be adorable on you!!! My friend Amy has hair of a similar texture to yours (she is also scandanavian!) and she has a very cute just below her chin bob. She has an 8 month old and she likes that the hair style doesn't require a lot of fuss.


  2. There was a photo on your weightloss progress site that had a really cute short style.. I can't find the link though.

  3. Ooh, I think I know what you are talking about. That's is kind of what I am thinking of. Not all that different than my current hair, just whacking off the bottom few inches and being done with most of the layering.