My tummy troubles finally seem to have passed. Yesterday I was still not feeling 100% and had some residual gurgling going on, but today I feel pretty great. And the sun is shining, so I will definitely be doing a long run in a little while. Now, if only the snow would all be gone. That's probably a bit too much to ask, huh...?

Yesterday Dane and I power-shopped with my best friend who is going back to work tomorrow (she got 90% of what she needed at TJ Maxx...god, I love that store!). She will be starting at a bank near her. From the sound of things she will have good opportunity for advancement to management, which is great. She's still taking nursing classes part time and hopes to eventually get into the BSN program at my alma mater (GVSU), but they have a LONG waiting list, so in the meantime she wants to get some more management experience (she has already been an office manager of a surgical practice...unfortunately her boss decided to move his practice to Wyoming and at that time she chose to stay home with her kids and manage their small farm more).

After shopping we ate at Quiznos. How in the heck did I avoid this place for so long? I had that new prime rib on garlic bread sub...OMG--heaven in my mouth! Then we had dessert at a Grand Traverse Pie Co. location near the mall area. That was yummy, too. So basically I HAVE to run, today!



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