Bubble Guts...aka more TMI...

My yogurt turned out great and I've eaten an entire measuring cup worth of it (half with granola for breakfast, the other half with a couple of packets of Splenda and a little vanilla extract) over the course of the day. Good stuff. Unfortunately it has done nothing to help my intestinal issues. Today things are the worst, yet. I wish I knew what was causing my issues. An hour or so ago I took 2 Gas-X, but things have not improved. So I broke down and took a dose of Pepto. If this doesn't work I am tempted to get a hold of one of those long needles they use for amniocentesis...maybe that would release some of this damned pressure. My belly is so distended.

This is day 5. The first few days things were more of a mild irritation, than anything. Kind of like minor indigestion. But this is really starting to wear on me. If I'm not feeling better by Monday I might go in to see my doctor--though I feel like such a hypochondriac, since I always seem to be in there for something...allergies, sinus infections (from the allergies), thyroid test (to figure out why my metabolism sucks so bad--thyroid turned out to be just fine)....



  1. Thanks--I'm finally starting to, though I think I will postpone my long run for the week until tomorrow, which is really going to make next week's mileage look impressive (this week I failed to manage even a paltry 11 miles (10.9).

    I think the way I was guzzling the Pepto, inhaling the yogurt, and poppin' the Gas-X that maybe I finally scared things out of my system!