Bye-bye, The Body Shop @ Home

As of today my TBSAH biz is no more. I'm kinda bummed, but it was just too much work to keep up my minimum sales ($400 in a "rolling quarter"). Things were starting to look up, but then one of my best customers decided to become a consultant herself...which sounds good, but she was also closely connected to pretty much ALL of my customers in this area, so there went my best clients. It's hard to compete with a local person who has connections when one's a transplant in a small, insular community.

I got tired of following-up on leads from people who found my site and were interested in having parties, then never would book, even when I spent $$ sending them info, samples, etc. I often was spending more on marketing and advertising than I was making, which isn't good business.

But all is not lost. TBS has an affiliate program. I'd only earn 8% of any sales through an affiliate site, but it would cost me nothing to set it up, nor would I need to maintain any sort of minimum sales to retain the site. It would be a good way for me to get discounted product for myself, especially if I were to buy their $10 "Love Your Body" card, which (I believe) entitles the user to 10% off any order for a year.


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