Crappy weather will not keep me from my fix!

Off to McDonald's for my Shamrock "crack-in-a-cup" shake! We've had high winds, freezing rain, snow...just generally gross weather, so the drive down to meet Derek at work was cancelled. But we have a McDonald's less than 10 minutes away, so Dane and I will brave the elements for lunch. He needs to burn off some energy in the play area, anyhow.



  1. I haven't been to McDonald's in years (haven't had fast food of any sort for almost a year). But, my oh my does a shamrock shake sound good!

  2. I gotta tell ya', McDonald's has really improved the quality of a lot of their food in recent years. Their salads are good, as are their chicken sandwiches, since they did away with the processed chicken. The one near us was remodeled a year or so ago and now resembles a coffee house on the inside, complete with comfy high-backed booths, overstuffed arm chairs, lots of brushed aluminum, b&w photos, glass and ceramic tile, and a gas fireplace.