Happy Pulaski Day!

In honor of Casimir Pulaski we are Polish for a day. On the dinner menu for tonite is polska kielbasa. Actually, it's pretty coincidental that we will be having that. Derek bought a couple the other day and Dane has been BEGGING for kielbasa. We were going to have beer brats for supper, but then I discovered it was Pulaski day, so it only seems right to have the polish sausage, instead. I boiled the brats and we will eat those later in the week.

Yesterday I had a positively glorious run. Longest one since my half-marathon way back in late Oct. It was a little windy, but not terribly cold and the sky was brilliant blue with full sun. Even the slushy spots were bearable, although my feet were pretty wet and cold by the time I returned home almost 11 miles later. I was feeling nervous that I wouldn't possibly be ready for my big 25k in a couple of months, but now I am pretty certain that I will be--assuming I don't become injured or anything. And I think all the running I have done on snow and ice has really made me stronger...yesterday's pace was fairly quick, yet I felt quite comfortable, even in my somewhat weakened, post-illness state.


  1. Ooh, sounds like you guys had a festive supper!

    Glad you had a great run--it has been cold and windy here. Just got back from walking Bahr--a crisp zero degrees!!!

  2. Yep, sunny here, today...but it's deceptive. Windchill is -1. I still ran, but frozen snot is icky!