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Found this link last night:
FDA info.

Pretty clear information. I have a feeling that I got the anti-virals too late, as they really need to be started within the first 48 hours after the tingly symptoms start. I didn't start until 3-4 days after I first had that weird belly skin tingle. But if there's any chance of cutting the duration of symptoms down by even a day or two it will be worth my week's course of Valtrex.

I feel kind of bad about attending a playgroup lunch at McDonald's yesterday with a bunch of moms and kids that we are friends with. Shingles is not contagious to anyone who has already had chicken pox, but there's a risk that I could have transmitted the virus to any kids or adults why are not vaccinated for Varicella or who have not had the pox (which would cause such a person to come down with chicken pox). Although I think the risk is really only present once the sores open, like chicken pox sores do as the virus progresses. I'm still at a very early phase of the virus.

I haven't been sleeping particularly well the last few nights (and not just because our cats have been total asshats in the morning trying to wake us to feed them). The skin that is being affected is super sensitive and the itching is giving way to soreness. I read one recommendation to wear very snug-fitting clothes that don't rub, so I might think about wearing a compression top. I am also going to look for a hand-held water bottle for hydration during my upcoming long runs (at least until this has run its course), as the thought of wearing my Camelbak™ which straps to my waist right where my skin is most sensitive gives me major heebs!


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