Not-so-happy Humpday

Poo. Dane didn't get into the Montessori Charter school that we applied to recently. They operate on a lottery system, so it's not first come, first served. Fortunately he is #1 on the waiting list for 1st grade, but if no one moves or drops out we'll have to have him go elsewhere. There is another charter school very nearby (literally down the road, so still very close to DH's work) that also has a fantastic reputation, so we are going to look into that. They specialize in fine and performing arts as part of their curriculum, so I am all over that.

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  1. hang in there (((hugs)))...I bet they'll have an opening- a lot can happen in the next few months. Someone might move, a family might not have gotten another sibling in and decide to withdraw, maybe someone won't get their registration stuff in on time....*super hopeful*