Pedestrians have the right of way, gol dangit!

My running career and possibly my life just about ended this AM. Just as I was nearing the end of my run a careless (and possibly drunk/drugged) woman who should have her license revoked came thisclose to hitting me. I was running on a primary road in our residential neighborhood and she came to a T with a stop sign. She stopped well behind the sign, and then went (turning right onto the main street)...looked right at me and can't have not seen me...it's sunny, clear, and I was wearing a BRIGHT YELLOW windbreaker--and I don't run fast, so it's not as if I was suddenly there.

I think the asshat figured that since she was in a car that her rights trumped mine, even though SHE is the one who had the stop sign, not I. *I* had to swerve into the middle of the street with my arm outstretched towards her car (both in a 'stop' gesture as well as a way to shield the rest of my body from impact) to avoid being hit and only THEN did she stop suddenly after she nearly plowed into me. I yelled at her to watch where she's going, but I'm sure she didn't hear with the windows rolled-up.

I talked to my hubby on the phone once I caught my breath...he has had similar issues while on his bike. He suggested that I should have jumped on her hood. Had my wits been more about me I think I would have. If this should ever happen again I will. I hope I leave a big-ass dent, too. They wouldn't have much of a case against me if I were to damage their car. People really suck.

I think we're too litigious a society, but I honestly would sue the pants off of anyone who caused me even minor injuries by driving like an idiot when they are sharing the roads with runners, bicyclists, walkers and others who don't have the protection of sheet metal and airbags--if for no other reason than to prove a point and serve as a reminder to them and all those that they associate with that their driver's license is a priviledge and that they need to be more conscious of everyone else on the roadways.


  1. Aww...I'm relieved you weren't hit!!! People are so clueless--a similar thing happened to my brother when he was walking his dog except he was actually hit (but not hurt!).

  2. It terrifies me that so many oblivious/intoxicated/stupid people literally have license to drive. I think I was very lucky yesterday. Thank goodness she actually stopped for the stop sign!

  3. MI drivers are scarey :(

  4. They sure are! And I've often thought that Muskegon Co. drivers were not so bad (at least not compared to those in Ottawa or Kent counties).