*sniffs, wipes tear* Ahhh...my little carnivore!

Tonite we had steak for dinner. About midway through his my son gestured towards a piece and asked "hey, mom...what's this pink part? I like it the best." I replied that some of the meat is pink because it's cooked a little bit less, but that that makes it juicier and taste better. He replied by smiling and taking another big bite! I think it's time I try my hand at a standing rib roast (ie prime rib).

In other random things...it rained a little this afternoon. You can blame me for the precipitation, as I had my car washed yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm taking Dane out for lunch after school. I think we will try to hit Quizno's, which is Dane's new favorite restaurant. We also need to pick up prescriptions from his pediatrician's office, get them filled, do a little shopping while we wait for the scripts, and head to swimming lessons at 4pm. One of the scripts is for a shorter-acting form of Ritalin for Dane's swimming days. Last Spring we did swimming lessons and I don't know how much Dane got out of it, other than becoming more comfortable in the water. Though he did get to know his friend Trent better, as he happened to be in Dane's class, too.



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