Thurs: worse than Weds.

I am so bummed. For the past year our son has been in a Montessori school for his kindergarten year. He loves it...we love it. The combination of this style of learning/education + his low dose ritalin have made him such a happy kid with a love for learning...he has come SO far since Fall. For the 2 years prior he had been in a more traditional preschool and I know it was so frustrating for him (and I didn't particularly care for his teachers, either...his main teacher kept telling us that he didn't have ADHD since he could focus so well on activities he liked--duh, well, that IS a major symptom of the disorder. We took her word as a teacher instead of following our instincts).

So we applied for an amazing charter (free, public) Montessori school near my hubby's work that goes through 8th grade. They are super popular, produce the highest standardized test scores of any school in the area, and do enrollments on a lottery system. Yesterday we found out that our son is #1 on the WAITING LIST for first grade. So unless someone drops out or moves or something he won't be able to attend this year.

Our backup plan was to then try another almost equally respected charter school literally down the street from the Montessori school that has a real emphasis on fine and performing Arts--things that my son enjoys, so even though it wouldn't be a Montessori school he would have some wonderful creative outlets and a more relaxed, independent study learning environment than what would be found in a "traditional" public school. A month ago I was looking at their website and it said they did open enrollments in late March to early April, so my plan was to call them if the Montessori option fell through.

This AM I called and it turns out that they finished open enrollments in mid-March and he'd be put on another waiting list--they had also changed their website (now it shows no enrollment time frame).

Our only other option, aside from the local public school that we are NOT thrilled with (last year they wanted to place him in pre-k, even though he is already at the older end of the age range and is in no way behind academically, intellectually, or socially...but when he was screened last year we had not yet had him assessed for ADHD, so he was distracted and silly during the kindergarten screening. During parent orientation one of the teachers also said that they had NEVER been wrong in their assessments--that sort of arrogance from a teacher REALLY turned us off) or an expensive tuition Montessori program that we aren't real excited about (we toured there last month and didn't feel all that impressed by what we saw, though it would still likely be a better fit for our son than the traditional desk-bound school environment). We're not sure we could afford the tuition, either.

Anyhow, I just really needed to vent. I'm so frustrated. I hate feeling like we have so little choice in where our son goes to school...especially when I know he would do so well at the charter Montessori school and I am terrified that putting him in a confining desk environment will make him dislike school again. I'm so frightened that he's going to end up hating school, hating learning, and will have his self-esteem damaged so early in his school career.




  1. k,

    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!!! You know I bet there is a good chance someone will drop out of the Charter Montessori...people do move away, sometimes plans change, some people probably applied to bth the Montessori and the performing arts school and will opt for the arts school if accepted to both. To use a "real life" analogy I have never been to a party where every invited guest showed up. I know it s an extremely sought after program which makes your odds a bit tougher...still he is #1 on the waiting list--it could be much worse!


  2. Yep, there's a lot of truth to that. And his teacher thinks there are pretty good odds that he could still get in. We even think if a spot opened in the middle of the school year that we would have no qualms about moving him. After all, we plan to move down that way and he could be there through 8th grade.