TMI Alert!

I bought a half gallon of whole milk and some plain yogurt. I think I need to make my own yogurt (I have a recipe that uses a cooler and a heating pad to incubate--I'll pass it along if anyone is interested). For several days my lower GI has been "off." Today's lunch at McDumpster didn't help (though, OMG, did it ever taste divine!). I also bought a little 4 pack of those yogurts to help digestion. Hmmm...maybe I should use a spoon of that stuff as my starter, rather than the plain yogurt, since it has more than 1 healthy bacteria/bacterium...damn, which is the plural?

I probably should have bought vanilla, though...my plain homemade yogurt might have a slight purple cast from the mixed-berry yogurt. Oh, well, I'm sure that won't be an issue once I've made a few batches.... I haven't had drained, "Greek-style" yogurt in so long. I'm really looking forward to that!


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