Today did have a bright side...

This afternoon we had parent/teacher conference with Dane's teacher. Last Fall his "scores" were fairly mediocre, but that was pre-ADHD assessment and medication. Oh the difference a few months make. NOW he is scoring pretty much 5/5 on every factor, instead of mostly 3s. His teacher was positively thrilled with his progress and raved over what a fantastic student and little Human Being he is. And she said that she's having a tough time preparing new "works" for him fast enough for his bugeoning abilities and interests. The rapid increase in his language and reading abilities have her particularly astounded as he speeds right through each new exercise she presents him with.

If there is any proof that we did the right thing in not accepting the local kindergarten teachers' recommendation to hold him back TODAY's meeting was IT! I shudder to think of what a disaster that could have been. I really think we would have created a very miserable, angry child with crushed self-esteem. Dane is SO proud of his new and growing abilities and we are, too!

She was also bummed that he ended up wait-listed for the Montessori school near my hubby's work and joked that maybe she should put a call in to the director to make a special admission for Dane--I think she was really only half kidding, though. I think she really would pull strings for us if she could.

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