#1 thing to make an Easter morning hangover even more miserable...

...answering a phone call from your sister reporting that your dad is in the hospital and has likely had a mild stroke.

After an MRI and MRA it was confirmed that my dad did, indeed, have a stroke. He also had blockage in both carotid arteries, with one being almost entirely blocked, so he was taken into surgery this afternoon to clear both. I am still waiting to hear how things went, but did just talk to my sister and it sounds like everything went OK. My mom is pretty stressed, but she's tough. I think her RN background really helps her in medical situations. There is also plenty of family there...my mom's brother and SIL as well as one of my dad's cousins and her son and hubby.

My mom described my dad as "not a well man," but from things she said I took this to mean that he will always be at risk for further strokes. His smoking days are definitely over and I would guess that his diet and exercise will need to change, though he's not really inactive and used to coach my soccer team when I was younger, so I know he won't be averse to adding some sort of regular physical activity.

The thing that scares me is that my dad's grandpa died from stroke, as did my dad's dad...but they were older--that's what smoking does. Smoking moves these risk factors along faster. There is a strong family history of strokes on my dad's side of the family...this knowledge is one more thing to keep me running, lifting my weights, and watching my weight. Right now my risk factors for stroke are very low, but I'm still a young pup.

I will continue to post updates as I have them. Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers. I'm certain he will recover from this very well from what many people have told me with family and friends who have had the same procedure, but the kicker is going to be him making permanent changes. No more cancer sticks and I'm guessing his diet and exercise will need to change. The diet will be the most difficult, as he is already fairly active and does not shun exercise...but cheese and bratwurst will be the hardest to limit if a low-fat diet is prescribed (the jury is still out on this, obviously, as many cardiologists are prescribing moderate fat and low carbs, rather than the "traditional" demonization of fats).



  1. Aww...K your dad is definitely in my thoughts...what a scary Easter! Am happy to hear that his prognosis is so good.



  2. Thanks, Liz!

    Ugh, it's still so surreal. I'm thinking I might try to go to WI in a few weeks if my dad and mom need help. I'm guessing that my dad's recovery really won't be too bad, so we're going to play it by ear. Everyone familiar with his procedure says that he should really be in good shape pretty quickly, so that's encouraging.



  3. ((Kirsten))

    I'm sorry you had such a scare today. I really hope he can recover fully and there are no more frightening events down the road for you and your family. *big hugs*