Ahhh...lazy weekend

Sorta. I do have an almost 3 hour run planned for today and tomorrow I need to work on some fundraising stuff for Girls on the Run. Other than that, pretty quiet.

My dad is doing well. I've spoken on the phone with him a few times in recent days and I don't hear much change in his personality or thought process...he is a VERY lucky guy. They finally got back home yesterday. He's been out of the hospital for a few days, but due to nasty weather they didn't drive home until the roads were clear--mostly because my mom is a very timid driver.

We submitted our application to our second choice school, so Dane is now enrolled in that public Arts & Academics academy. I think he will like it there. His teacher is fairly familiar with the school and also believes that it will be a good fit for him. If a spot opens at the Montessori charter school down the road from school #2 I think we will still enroll him there, but if one doesn't he'll still be in a good place for him.

Watched "Blood Diamond" last night. Again impressed by Leonardo DiCaprio's acting chops. Too bad he still looks 12, LOL! Now I am curious about the origins of my diamond, though. I have often wondered if it were humanely acquired, but after watching the film I am especially interested in learning of its history. I would likely sell it in exchange for a stone of more peaceful origins if I were to find that it were a conflict diamond.

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