Go big or go home!

Tomorrow I have my first race of the year--a 10 miler. I feel REALLY ready for this...I plan to rock it! Looks like the weather will be beautiful, too. My first 10 miler last Fall was miserable, so I will most certainly set a PR (personal record) for this race. I'm faster now than I was then. My goal time is 1:35-1:40.


3 weeks from tomorrow is my big race for the year, the Fifth-Third Riverbank Run 25k. It's the largest 25k (15.5 miles) in the nation. I'm really looking forward to the experience. My best friend ran it last year and watching her run inspired me to train hard to do it with her this year.

In addition to running the race I am raising funds for Girls on the Run. Please donate if you can. The money I raise will go directly to our Muskegon County chapter, so local girls will benefit from my efforts and your generosity.


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