God, that bit! I've long said I loved hills--I lied. Actually, I do love hills...short, steep ones. Not LONG, endless ones over and over on an out-and-back 10mi. course.

Beautiful weather for a run--would have been a perfect race, but I never really found my groove. Kept forgetting to hit the lap button on my watch, so I don't know my splits, but I think the middle third of the race I was pretty putzy. My body felt good (no pains, muscles felt mostly pretty well), but I am feeling the effects of seasonal allergies on my asthma. I definitely want to talk to my PCP about more aggressive treatment for that. I was gasping hard at the end and this is the first time that I truly felt ready to vomit at the end of a race. Me no likey. I'm pretty infamous for my iron gut and aversion to barfing under any circumstances. By 5 minutes after finishing my tummy had pretty much settled, though.

My best friend and I ran side-by-side the entire way and only were 2 seconds apart at the finish--heh, being a reformed sprinter is good for something, as I was just ahead of her. We definitely pushed each other the entire race...there were moments where I just wanted to stop. My time was recorded (manually, no chips) as 1:39:26, but Eryn and I both agreed that something was up with that, as we both saw 1:38ish on the clock as we went through. I also forgot to stop my watch, but when I did it was 1:40 and it was well over a minute after I had finished. I think whomever was writing times down added a minute to both of our times, so we're sticking with the 1:38 times in our logs (I logged mine at 1:38:26 for an average mile pace of 9:51).

I finished 8/15 in our age group. I'm pretty proud of that (especially since I was worried I'd be last or close to it after looking at last year's time's for my AG) and of my time, especially since it was such a challenging course and I walked through each water stop--something I don't do when I take my Camelbak.

3 weeks to our big 25k. I think this race really served as a great training run for that, too. That course may be longer, but it will be much less hilly, so I should have no problem maintaining ~10 minute pace for that.


  1. Congrats on your first 10 miler of the season! Those hills sound brutal! 8 out of 15 is a very good finish...nice job!


  2. Thanks--though I am certainly feeling the effects of yesterday's efforts. I'm pretty stiff, somewhat sore, and REALLY wiped-out! I have never felt so blah the day after a race, before. Those hills really did a number on me. I think the 25k in 3 weeks won't be any more difficult, as it's a pretty flat course (and I will have done more of a taper and hopefully be more rested).