This is what it's all about, folks!

Tonite I had the PERFECT run! For so many reasons...brand new shoes (NB 857--to alternate with my similar 1222s), first run in '07 in a skirt, beautiful weather, body ready to go fast--even though it was an easy run...felt effortless.

But the BEST part of tonite's run.... As you know I am doing fundraising for Girls On The Run. Tonite I happened upon a group of 15 or so "tween" girls--many in matching pale blue NB shoes. Beautiful, happy, fit, friendly, fun-loving young ladies. I stopped as they came to the bottom of a little hill on the path I was on and asked if they were training for GOTR--they were.

I then proudly told them and their coach that I was raising money for the very organization that they were participating in. THEY proudly told ME that they have a race on May 19. I could not be more excited for these girls. I'm hoping I can go watch the race and cheer them on--they deserve the support and I hope each and every one of them keeps running and/or participating in sports.

I ran along with them for a couple of blocks until they turned-around and I got to chat with a couple of the girls. One girl noticed my iPod and told me how much she loved it--I replied that it was a Christmas gift from my hubby as a reward for my own hard work running. I told the girls how much I liked their shoes. Last year's GOTR shoes were really hideous (pink and purple). This season's shoes are so much more attractive--pale blue & white and not nearly so cutesy--these are serious-looking shoes for girls who are serious about becoming fantastic runners!

I usually run in the AM while my son is in school. Had I not had a doctor's appt. this AM I would have missed out on such an inspiring moment in my running. I was already having a really great run, but "running into" these girls left me with a silly grin on my face for the remaining 2 miles.

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