Less than a month later...

I think I have another cold. Not sure, but all afternoon I was dragging and I have a mild sore throat...though this could also be allergy-related, so who knows. Now I am physically cold and can't wait for bed--hope it's just a cold and not the flu. Oh, well, at least my big race is over and the pressure's off. My 2 runs since the race have been really godawful...yesterday I walked at least a third of the 4 miles. Maybe my body is telling me to just take a break for a few days.

Just spent a buttload of money on stuff to plant in the yard, though, so I hope I at least feel up to doing that this weekend. The planting won't even be so bad, but we have a lot of weeds to pull and dirt to shove around to get things ready to plant.



  1. Aw, I hope you feel better. I woke up a bit stuffy this morning which threw me into a panic as I have the wedding this weekend. But, thankfully now that I'm up and about I feel much better.

    If you feel crappy on your run your bodyis probably trying to tell you something. Take a couple days off and rest--your next run wil be all the better for it!


  2. So far no cold...I think it's probably my body just fighting allergies. Dumb Spring. I am so ready for the tree pollen to be GONE!

    Going on a run in a bit...I hope today's is better than the last 2.