Look what I can do! /Stewart

I did it! Yesterday I ran for 3 hours (almost 16 miles). The last hour was pretty godawful and I was slower than I have been lately...mostly due to still recovering from a cold, I'm sure. I was pretty sore yesterday and had a hard time falling asleep (I think my body wasn't yet ready to stop moving--nor my brain). But this AM I felt fine. In a little bit I need to do a weight workout--I think I will leave my legs alone and just do upper body and abs, though. I'm a little stiff and tired, so no sense overdoing it.

Now my taper begins...I will do one more sorta longish run before the big race on 5/12, but that one won't be more than 2 hours.



  1. I hope your cold is better! At least you came down with it early so hopefully you'll be in good shape for your race!