*sigh* I knew it was too good to be true...

Ok, so I am a total skirt/skort convert--when it's warm I won't run in running shorts. The loose fabric between my thighs tends to only chafe and annoy me, as well as ride-up and look completely unattractive. Unfortunately running skirts are generally pretty pricey--$40-70 is the standard price range for a well-designed one.

My very first skirt was my New Balance Andare skirt (mine is pale blue with fuscia trim). It has liner shorts for modesty if the skirt should fly up or while sitting and stretching...though they ride-up a bit and tend to fit like boyshorts, not so much like bike shorts. Thus far this has been my favorite skirt in terms of functionality--and here is why. It has no side slits. I also LOVE my New Balance Bonita skirt/skort, but after my first run in it with my Camelbak™ waist pack I discovered something that a running friend of mine had also discovered...skirts with side slits will ride up in the back under the Camelbak, leaving one's liner short clad butt hanging out for the world to gaze upon (I discovered this almost immediately and turned-around to change to my old faithful Andare skirt). Kinda defeats the purpose. But it still works well for general running.

In a drawer I have a SkirtSports Gym Girl, but due to their wonky sizing (too small...others have had issues with their products running too large or too small, as well--even in the same model of skirts) and the side slits I have it up on eBay.

Recently my best friend and I discovered that Target has cute Champion C9 running skirts and for only $20. They fit pretty well and have a nice little zippered pocket in the back, perfect for a GU or keys, ID, etc...but the small side slits also caused some riding up in the back when I tried to wear it out on a run with my Camelbak, yesterday...*sigh*

So, I broke down and ordered a RunningSkirts.com skirt (no side slits and I've heard it works well with a Camelbak--we shall see). Hopefully it will be here before my big 25k next weekend (a day or two before would be best, that way I can maybe go out for 3 miles in it to make sure there are no fit or chafing issues). I love my powder blue Andare skirt, but I'm sick of wearing it. It's already seen one race and I want something more fun and flashy. The skirt I just ordered is orange with pink trim--loud! I'm being brave and trying one with liner briefs, rather than longer compression shorts. Figuring how they ride up, anyhow, it probably won't be all that different.

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