This just in!

I got new shoes! I have long been hearing great things about Keen shoes and pricey, ugly, fun shoes have never done me wrong before (hence my obsession with Dansko orthopedic clogs). Lately I have been having foot issues that I am almost certain are mild plantar fasciitis (my outer arch, particularly on my right side, feels like it is being stretched too far...common problem for those with very high or very low arches). The best treatments for this is shoes with good arch support and not going barefoot. I still need to find a pair of shoes for in the house--I tried Crocs, but I don't know how people can wear those barefoot. They make my feet sweat something fierce. Nasty sensation...like wearing Nerf balls on my feet--yuck!

I have a pair of Tevas that I have been wearing for several years and they support my feet well, but after washing them the straps shrunk and they aren't a model that is adjustable through the toes. As my feet are quite wide this led to shoes that would cut into the front half of my feet--particularly late in the day or if I were bloated. Right now they will be gardening shoes, as they do work fairly well mucking about in the dirt.

The Keen sandals (Venice H2 model) really fit me nicely. Dane has some similar protected toe sandals that he loves, too. Nice to have practical shoes that we can hike on the beaches in without worry of injury to our toes.

I'm definitely of the opinion that spending more on shoes and eyewear is money well spent. I still have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers (Liz, remember these?--I think mine are almost 20 years old!) that stay in my glove box for passengers in my car in need of shades...I think those are actually coming back into fashion, funny enough. My experience has definitely been that the spendier footwear is a better value when compared to cheaper shoes--they usually fit better and hold up longer. No more buying a new pair of $20-40 sandals every Summer and having to take them in for repairs at least once.



  1. Hurrah to new shoes! A lot of my friends have raved to me about Keens. I've tried them on before but they've always felt horribly uncomfortable...but I suspect that they just fit me strangely ( I have oddly proportioned feet).


  2. I recall that we both had strange feet. Mine are fairly flat and very wide. I really wish I had perfectly neutral, biomechanically efficient feet. Sure would make finding running shoes easier, too...not to mention dress shoes!