I really should be in bed...

In less than 12 hours I will be running the Chronicle Seaway Run 15k. A year ago I ran my very first race--the Chronicle Seaway 5k. Tomorrow I will be running at the same location, but starting 10 minutes later and in the longer event. Last year I felt like a noob and now I feel confident...I have already raced 2 10 milers, a HM and a 25k, so a 15k is a relative piece o' cake. As of tomorrow I really feel like a seasoned runner, even though I am still a relative newbie at this whole thing.

AND the race shirts are awesome...sea turtles with wings. Someday I want a little running turtle on my ankle with "zoom-zoom" below the little terrapin. I'm feeling really psyched for tomorrow...and the forecast is looking perfect (low 60s at the race start and likely low 70s by my finish...and full sun).

Another neat thing about tomorrow's race...I will have the best cheering section yet--hubby, son, and my mom and nephew (almost 6) are in town, too. And my bib is #12...just like my birthdate, 2/12. Should be my lucky day!




Humpday Humor

I love song parodies...

Thanks, Liz!

If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.


My poor, sweet boy...

Last night Dane had his Kindergarten "graduation" ceremony (complete with real gowns, mortarboards, and 2007 tassels). He and the other 2 Kindergarten students at his Montessori school received their diplomas and wonderful little scrapbooks chronicling the year. It was a fun couple of hours of picnicing and playing outdoors at his school.

When it was time to leave he had a melt-down. In part because his meds were wearing off (a lot of times he will get somewhat emotional when this happens), but mostly because he was really upset. Even though he will still be doing 3 days of Summer Camp at his school most weeks he was so very sad that he won't be going every day or seeing some of his friends again. Next year he will be at 1 of 2 schools 45 minutes away (down near when my hubby works and where we plan to move. He is first on the waiting list for the charter Montessori school down there, which we hope has a position open over the Summer. If that doesn't happen he will be at a charter academy that specializes in Fine Arts as a major part of their curriculum), so he will meet all new friends.

We reminded him that next year he will be in 1st grade at a new school, which set him off into even more tears...he doesn't want a new school, new teachers, or new friends...poor kid loves everything about the school he's been at this past year. Honestly, if anything could be improved about his current school it would be for them to have a bigger facility and be able to serve kids through at least 3rd or 4th grade.

This is such a drastic change from last year. Last year he didn't have nearly the connection to his classmates and teachers as he has developed this year. Much of this is thanks to his ADHD diagnosis and proper treatment, but I think just as much has to do with a learning environment more suited to his learning style (more independent and creative) and to teachers who are so much more caring towards their students and a much lower teacher/student ratio.

The biggest regret Derek and I have is not having looked into this school 3 years ago, when we first enrolled him in preschool. We had always figured the tuition would be too high, but it's really not much more than what we paid for the community ed. tuition preschool that he attended for 2 years. As I paged through Dane's little scrapbook I was in tears, myself. 2 years of frustration from his preschool could have been saved by having him in the Montessori program from the start. I'm sad that he only got to attend this school for 1 year.


$$ Shoe Whore strikes again!

For the past couple of months I have been dealing with a mild form of tendonitis or perhaps cuboid syndrome, particularly on my outer right arch. I stopped wearing my New Balance 767s that I had worn all winter and went back to my more stable and more $$ 1222s. This helped, but my outer arch area was still pretty tender, so I purchased another pair to keep in rotation (I tend to wear at least 2 different shoe models, that way I can rotate them to keep from stressing the same muscles and joints in the same way and I always have a dry pair if I run in rain or snow), the NB 857, which is their most stable stability shoe (and probably bordering on a motion control shoe).

While this definitely has helped my arch area, the 857 is a little too stable for my legs, so I found that some runs in this shoe were actually painful. A couple of weeks ago I even purchasd some $24 orthotic insoles to put in my shoes, but this added too much stability (but they work really great in the shoes that I use when I do my strength-training workouts, so that wasn't a wasted purchase by any means...I think they'd be great for lots of walking, too). Then I tried another solution--small heel cushion/lifts under my insoles. While this made my arches happy, it royally angered my shins...back to square 1.

So it occurred to me that maybe I would be further ahead looking at a completely different brand of shoe. I have had great luck with NB (particularly with the 1222--I'm on my 2nd pair and have run 2 10 mile races, a half marathon, and a 25k in this model), but I'm tired of nursing a chronic injury. Wearing shoes indoors all the time also helps, but it's not the cure.

So yesterday I made the trek down to our nearest full-service running store and had a really knowledgeable sales guy help me find a better shoe for my needs. He watched me walk barefoot and looked at my feet (normal arch when sitting, flat arch when standing...lots of collapse which likely has a good deal to do with my arch problems). He said that my 1222s are definitely a good shoe for me (moderate stability, lots of cushion...generally worn by larger, heavier runners, but I tend to not be light or quick on my feet), but had me try on about a half-dozen other similar shoes.

I ended up with a pair of Asics Gel Kayano XIII (cushioned moderate stability trainer), which is one of Asics most popular, top-of-the-line (and $$) shoes. They are a direct competitor to my 1222s and the exact same price, but they seem to hug my foot a bit better, particularly in my rearfoot area. They also come in wides, which is pretty necessary for me (though the wide version only comes in one boring color--that's where NB trumps everyone else...they make ALL of their shoes in every color in wide and narrow widths, as well as the average mediums). For $135 I should have choice in color, right...?

I did a short run last night in them. At first they felt sort of weird...not really painful. I did have some shin pain while running, but I have been dealing with painful runs for the past week from using the heel lifts, so I'm pretty certain it's not due to the shoes--they also seem to support my arches better, particularly on my outside edge. I will keep doing my shorter runs in these for a week or two until I have broken them in a bit and have a better idea of whether they will suit my needs. The running store will take them back if they aren't right for me. If that's the case, then I am probably back to square 1. I tried Brooks and Saucony shoes that both were similar, so that might be my next option, though they still did not fit my foot as nicely as the Asics. I also tried a Nike+ model (which would be cool with my iPod) and they fit my feet well, but tilted my foot out a bit and I'm pretty certain would not be a happy shoe for me.