My poor, sweet boy...

Last night Dane had his Kindergarten "graduation" ceremony (complete with real gowns, mortarboards, and 2007 tassels). He and the other 2 Kindergarten students at his Montessori school received their diplomas and wonderful little scrapbooks chronicling the year. It was a fun couple of hours of picnicing and playing outdoors at his school.

When it was time to leave he had a melt-down. In part because his meds were wearing off (a lot of times he will get somewhat emotional when this happens), but mostly because he was really upset. Even though he will still be doing 3 days of Summer Camp at his school most weeks he was so very sad that he won't be going every day or seeing some of his friends again. Next year he will be at 1 of 2 schools 45 minutes away (down near when my hubby works and where we plan to move. He is first on the waiting list for the charter Montessori school down there, which we hope has a position open over the Summer. If that doesn't happen he will be at a charter academy that specializes in Fine Arts as a major part of their curriculum), so he will meet all new friends.

We reminded him that next year he will be in 1st grade at a new school, which set him off into even more tears...he doesn't want a new school, new teachers, or new friends...poor kid loves everything about the school he's been at this past year. Honestly, if anything could be improved about his current school it would be for them to have a bigger facility and be able to serve kids through at least 3rd or 4th grade.

This is such a drastic change from last year. Last year he didn't have nearly the connection to his classmates and teachers as he has developed this year. Much of this is thanks to his ADHD diagnosis and proper treatment, but I think just as much has to do with a learning environment more suited to his learning style (more independent and creative) and to teachers who are so much more caring towards their students and a much lower teacher/student ratio.

The biggest regret Derek and I have is not having looked into this school 3 years ago, when we first enrolled him in preschool. We had always figured the tuition would be too high, but it's really not much more than what we paid for the community ed. tuition preschool that he attended for 2 years. As I paged through Dane's little scrapbook I was in tears, myself. 2 years of frustration from his preschool could have been saved by having him in the Montessori program from the start. I'm sad that he only got to attend this school for 1 year.


  1. Aw, that is hard having to say goodbye to friends. Luckily, Dane is a very outgoing little boy so he will quickly make new friends at his new school.


  2. Yeah, I know he will make new friends within minutes of entering a new classroom, but it's sweet that he cares about and loves his current school and friends so much.



  3. hi! i found your blog via your RA profile, i hope you don't mind!

    just wanted to check out your blog and say "thanks!" for the tips re: running skirts! i've got an order going already!

    michele (littlem over there)

    ps i am a montessori teacher and this entry made me feel very, very "awwww"! one of the greatest things about montessori is that it builds social learning and social skill as much as it builds other cognitive skills-- your little fellow will make new friends easily! congrats to the graduate!