Finally, justice is served

Jon Bartlett and his cohorts have now been found guilty of the horrific beating they meted out to a biracial man in Milwaukee almost 3 years ago. At the state level these clowns were found innocent by an all white jury, but with a more balanced jury in a federal court room these "men" have finally been found guilty of a hate crime.

I don't recall how many years Bartlett already is sentenced to for other asshattery, but this should add enough time that he will be a VERY old man before he ever breathes free air, again...if he makes it that long. My mom and I were discussing how unpopular crooked cops and child molesters are. I'm guessing his fellow convicts of racial minorities will have particular disdain for an officer of the law who violently beat an unarmed minority individual.

We were also wondering if he will serve his entire terms in a federal prison or if they will move him to the federal pen. for this sentence, then back to state for the remainder? Either way, we feel no pity for him.



  1. I just saw the article on Court TV about this and thought of you. 'bout stinkin' time!! I have your blog bookmarked on my work pc again. :)

  2. Ooh, I need to go check that out!

    About damned time is RIGHT! My mom and I were positively giddy about it last night. My folks never cared for his family, either. My mom is an RN and used to work with his mom...she said his mom was always a complete control freak on the job, too--no question where Jon got that trait from.