Phew...ran 3 days in a row, total of almost 19 miles, then "ran" almost a mile with Dane this afternoon. He really wasn't up for actually running (he got a side ache pretty quickly, then wanted to chat-up every person we met on the paved path)...he's been a biking fool for the past few days. He FINALLY let us take his training wheels off and he discovered how much easier it is to bike without those aides. Kid has been completely inspired by watching the Tour de France a bit with his dad.

Derek organized a group bike ride for the JDRF fundraising folks, so Dane and I met them all for ice cream, which was really fun. I'm starting to really lust after a road bike. Now that Dane can ride the thought of something all 3 of us can do together is pretty enticing. Plus, as much as I love running, I am godawful slow. I have a feeling that I would be a bit of a natural on a bike. I have pretty powerful thighs that aren't particularly well-bred for running. The physical features that limit my running potential would be assets on a bike. Having a long, fast stride is not nearly as important on wheels as being able to turn a crank hard and fast--something my sprinter legs could do fairly well, I imagine.

Plus...the other night we were at the bike shop where Derek purchased his sweet carbon-framed baby almost 3 years ago (he has a wheel that has a crack, so we were in for warranty replacement issues) and saw a junior version of a Specialized roadbike. In 2-3 years Dane would likely be big enough for that, so that may well be the time that I also get outfitted with a decent roadbike, myself. By that time I will likely have run at least one marathon (if all goes according to my long-term running plan) and will have achieved that goal. After that a 100 mile bike ride will probably look pretty intriguing to me....

In other running-related news, my knee issues that have plagued me a bit since my trip to Wisconsin seem to in part be related to those Asics shoes I started wearing about a month before the patella problems cropped-up. I only realized this once I found some cushy arch supporting insoles to put in one of my New Balance pairs of trainers. After just a few runs in those my knee felt MUCH better and the new insoles kept my foot happy, too. Then I did a long run in the Asics and the knee was angry again...ding ding ding--I think we may have gotten to the bottom of my knee problem.

I'm sure the long drive did not help, but now I think the shoes may have been at fault. Gah, I am SO glad that the NB 1223 is coming out soon--I loved my 1222s, but they needed better arch support. If the 1223 has more of a defined arch I will have found the perfect shoe, methinks. If the arch is still low I can always buy an aftermarket insole (the Sof Sole performance ones seem to be perfect for my needs).

Ack, spend $135 on a shoe to fix one problem, then get injured...just my luck!



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