I'd make a piss-poor Amish woman...

16.5 hour long power outages suck ass. Especially when they screw one out of their long run for the week and there is no other opportunity for said run, since Derek is in Montana through Sunday. Crap. Power came on about 90 minutes ago and I could have done a 5-6 mile run right, but I slept like such crap due to said power outage (no A/C, no fans, still, humid, hot bedroom, stress about food in fridge) and have spent the time since the power came back on catching up on dishes (out of spoons) and laundry. I would have gone earlier, but they didn't predict we'd get power back until TOMORROW PM. Asshats and their grossly exagerrated predictions.

And I stink and need a shower. And instead of a healthy breakfast or lunch I settled for McDonald's, since I didn't want to open the fridge, couldn't run water, and couldn't cook anything. Stupid Summer storms. More are predicted in the next several days, so it could be a rough weekend--especially without my hubby around.


A new life/home for Zeke the Civic Si

Not long ago some semi-creepy garbage hauler stopped by asking about our non-running '89 Civic Si. I told him that I doubted DH would part with it, as it's his baby (first car). I gave him our # and told him to call back and talk to DH. Never heard anything more.

About a week-and-a-half ago a police officer stopped by (at 11:30 PM...WTF?!) to inform us that the car either needed to be registered or moved out-of-sight (it's been "dead" for about 1.5 years--ever since we bought our Mazda 3...Zeke seemed to know he was going to be retired). At this point hubby decided that it was time to find a charity to donate the baby to, but needed to find the title, first (likely at the bottom of a box someplace).

Today a young guy and his girlfriend stopped by asking about Zeke. He is a Honda geek and wants a Winter beater to use to save on his pretty '94 Acura Integra (with some substantial mods under the hood, bracing inside, racing seats, and other street-racing mods). He and his girlfriend were both very sweet, mature "kids" of 20. They just bought a house in the neighborhood and spotted Zeke almost immediately.

Zeke's stubborn. 3 of his 4 brakes are seized-up with rust from living under a tree (and sometimes under a snowbank). I think he doesn't want to leave us. But he doesn't realize that he will live a much happier second life with Josh and his GF. The garbage hauler likely would have sold him for parts, as would the charities. The neighbor guy is going to give Zeke the TLC he deserves--he and his buddies all do extensive work on Hondas and can even do work to replace the rusty areas with new metal and repaint him.

It will be so nice to see Derek's baby buzzing around the neighborhood instead of knowing that he's been ripped-apart for his engine, glass, and other useable parts. He'll almost certainly see his 20th birthday in one piece, now. We have a classic car parade in our community every July--prereq. is cars have to be at least 20. Perhaps we will see Zeke rollin' along with some major "plastic surgery" in a few years.


Once again on my Shit-List...

Yes, I'm looking at you, Mother Nature. You have given us a record drought Summer. But, of course, the ONE day we had a JDRF ride team picnic/pool party to attend--the highlight of the past 2 summers--you decide it's the perfect time to end months of hot, sunny, dry weather and dole out cold, rainy, dreary crap. You know, this garbage would have been MUCH more appreciated spread out over the last 3 months, rather than concentrated upon this entire weekend.

I will say in your defense, however, that my 9 miler yesterday was really nice...cooler with a gentle, intermittant rain. Sure beat the sultry stuff I've been forced to run in for most of the Summer. For a change I finished my run feeling refreshed, rather than overheated, soaked with sweat, and queasy.


Oh, and YAY!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this, yet...Dane is no longer #1 on the waiting list for the awesome K-8 Montessori charter school near DH's work--a spot opened, so he is all but officially enrolled for next year...wheeee!!!! We're totally geeked. The school we currently have him enrolled at is also good, but still has a more traditional classroom structure--with a heavy emphasis on Fine and performing Arts. I think he would also be happy there, but the desk-centered learning environment in the classrooms would likely not come easy for him. We really believe he will thrive in the Montessori-style classrooms, as he is already familiar with the method of learning and seems to really do so well with it.



I didn't think it was possible for me to be more disgusted...

But nothing I learn about this case should come as a surprise, I guess....
"For years, rumors of a rogue group of Milwaukee police officers known for brutalizing suspects have been circulating around the city. The group reportedly called itself the Punishers, a name that came from "The Punisher," a vigilante comic book, video game and film character, and many of its members were supposedly on hand at the Bay View party where Frank Jude Jr. was attacked in 2004.

It turns out that the group's existence may be more than a rumor, according to evidence presented Thursday during the sentencing hearing of fired officer Jon Bartlett on federal gun charges.

Bartlett, convicted last week in the Jude case, had an incriminating tattoo, while another convicted former officer, Andrew Spengler, had a Punisher decal on his car, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Frohling.

Frohling showed a photo of Bartlett's tattoo in court and said it pictures the same long-toothed skull emblazoned on the Punisher's body armor. The skull is inside a black spade. The tattoo also features the number seven, which Frohling said refers to Milwaukee Police District 7, where Bartlett used to work.

And one of the guns Bartlett illegally tried to buy was a civilian semiautomatic version of the P90 rifle, an automatic weapon sold only to law enforcement and the military that is the comic book Punisher's weapon of choice. No evidence of any other brutal acts by the group was presented at the hearing, which resulted in an 18-month prison term for Bartlett."

The story continues at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. Apparently Jon-boy also had some white supremacist manifesto in his home, too--a text that Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh was a fan of. Gross.


Well, the race still sucked...

...but I did get a killer photo approaching the finish. That's me in my element--the sprint to the timing pad! Gosh, I almost look like I'm good...though 15/19 in my age group would suggest otherwise. I kind of hope I fare better next year, once I am in the next age group up--though those late-30s gals can really kick some major booty. I think that's when a lot of female runners hit their performance peak. So there is hope yet for me to break into single-digit mile times for my longer races. Right now I'm in the 10:15 range for the HM and longer and I'd like to someday be in the 9s.