I didn't think it was possible for me to be more disgusted...

But nothing I learn about this case should come as a surprise, I guess....
"For years, rumors of a rogue group of Milwaukee police officers known for brutalizing suspects have been circulating around the city. The group reportedly called itself the Punishers, a name that came from "The Punisher," a vigilante comic book, video game and film character, and many of its members were supposedly on hand at the Bay View party where Frank Jude Jr. was attacked in 2004.

It turns out that the group's existence may be more than a rumor, according to evidence presented Thursday during the sentencing hearing of fired officer Jon Bartlett on federal gun charges.

Bartlett, convicted last week in the Jude case, had an incriminating tattoo, while another convicted former officer, Andrew Spengler, had a Punisher decal on his car, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Frohling.

Frohling showed a photo of Bartlett's tattoo in court and said it pictures the same long-toothed skull emblazoned on the Punisher's body armor. The skull is inside a black spade. The tattoo also features the number seven, which Frohling said refers to Milwaukee Police District 7, where Bartlett used to work.

And one of the guns Bartlett illegally tried to buy was a civilian semiautomatic version of the P90 rifle, an automatic weapon sold only to law enforcement and the military that is the comic book Punisher's weapon of choice. No evidence of any other brutal acts by the group was presented at the hearing, which resulted in an 18-month prison term for Bartlett."

The story continues at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. Apparently Jon-boy also had some white supremacist manifesto in his home, too--a text that Oklahoma City Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh was a fan of. Gross.

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