A new life/home for Zeke the Civic Si

Not long ago some semi-creepy garbage hauler stopped by asking about our non-running '89 Civic Si. I told him that I doubted DH would part with it, as it's his baby (first car). I gave him our # and told him to call back and talk to DH. Never heard anything more.

About a week-and-a-half ago a police officer stopped by (at 11:30 PM...WTF?!) to inform us that the car either needed to be registered or moved out-of-sight (it's been "dead" for about 1.5 years--ever since we bought our Mazda 3...Zeke seemed to know he was going to be retired). At this point hubby decided that it was time to find a charity to donate the baby to, but needed to find the title, first (likely at the bottom of a box someplace).

Today a young guy and his girlfriend stopped by asking about Zeke. He is a Honda geek and wants a Winter beater to use to save on his pretty '94 Acura Integra (with some substantial mods under the hood, bracing inside, racing seats, and other street-racing mods). He and his girlfriend were both very sweet, mature "kids" of 20. They just bought a house in the neighborhood and spotted Zeke almost immediately.

Zeke's stubborn. 3 of his 4 brakes are seized-up with rust from living under a tree (and sometimes under a snowbank). I think he doesn't want to leave us. But he doesn't realize that he will live a much happier second life with Josh and his GF. The garbage hauler likely would have sold him for parts, as would the charities. The neighbor guy is going to give Zeke the TLC he deserves--he and his buddies all do extensive work on Hondas and can even do work to replace the rusty areas with new metal and repaint him.

It will be so nice to see Derek's baby buzzing around the neighborhood instead of knowing that he's been ripped-apart for his engine, glass, and other useable parts. He'll almost certainly see his 20th birthday in one piece, now. We have a classic car parade in our community every July--prereq. is cars have to be at least 20. Perhaps we will see Zeke rollin' along with some major "plastic surgery" in a few years.


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