Once again on my Shit-List...

Yes, I'm looking at you, Mother Nature. You have given us a record drought Summer. But, of course, the ONE day we had a JDRF ride team picnic/pool party to attend--the highlight of the past 2 summers--you decide it's the perfect time to end months of hot, sunny, dry weather and dole out cold, rainy, dreary crap. You know, this garbage would have been MUCH more appreciated spread out over the last 3 months, rather than concentrated upon this entire weekend.

I will say in your defense, however, that my 9 miler yesterday was really nice...cooler with a gentle, intermittant rain. Sure beat the sultry stuff I've been forced to run in for most of the Summer. For a change I finished my run feeling refreshed, rather than overheated, soaked with sweat, and queasy.

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