Chase the Charming

2 days ago Chase received a (mostly) clean bill of health. Tests for Feline Leukemia came back negative, so he was treated for worms, vaccinated, and I treated him with Frontline for fleas when we arrived home. We'll keep him in the garage until Sat. afternoon, that way we can make sure that he doesn't have any respiratory viruses or anything that he could spread to our 3 other feline furbabies. After my half marathon race in the morning we'll come home and bring him in to stay in our room for a few days--so the other cats can acclimate a bit to having him in the house before they have any face-to-face meetings.

He's still such a little love. I think he will definitely be a major lap cat. When we've spent time out in the garage with him he's pretty much all about snuggling the entire time we're out there--and purring...loudest purr I've ever heard on a cat. Amazing the sound that his little 5# body can produce! He loves to stand on our laps and stretch his front paws up on either sides of our necks--hugging. Or he'll lay belly-up on our laps and stretch his paws up as far as he can reach, with this expression of pure adoration on his fuzzy little face. So sweet.

I really hope the other cats don't give him too hard a time. I think as long as he doesn't chase after them and want to play 24/7 that they will accept him relatively quickly. When we brought Erik in he was a PITA...and still is. He's a bit maniacal and went out of his way to harass our older 2 cats...as a result they never really accepted him. If Chase is as gentle with our older cats as he is with us I think he'll be like Thor--well tolerated by the other cats.


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