Ladies' Man Strikes Again!

Sheesh. My kid is some gifted Romeo, apparently. Every classroom he has been in has found him fending off the affections of little girls by the end of the second week. I know not where he gets this trait, as NO ONE on EITHER side of our families is skilled with the opposite sex--least of all my kid's parents (Derek is a self-proclaimed geek and I have been a geek/nerd magnet since as far back as I can remember).

Today I picked Dane up a few hours before his school's open house. Upon asking him how his day was he told me about a girl who was following him around the classroom trying to kiss him--he claims she finally caught him and kissed him on the knee. I only half believed this tale...until we were at open house.

As we were making our way off the playground a little girl was running in our direction. She abruptly stopped just after making eye contact with Dane...then suddenly a complete come-hither expression crossed her face and she teasingly asked Dane "wanna play kiss tag." I kid you not. Derek and I both looked at each other in shock and utter amusement.

3.5 days into 1st grade and my kid already has a girlfriend, apparently. And she's taller than him, which says something, as he is 75th percentile height. She's also a very pretty little girl (dark, wavy hair and green or blue eyes)...needless to say, my kid does have good taste (like father, like son...heh).



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