Ahhh...what a couple of weeks. Dane just finished his first full week of 1st grade, culminating in his first spelling test, yesterday. 7/7. I'd so love to take that test to Montague Public Schools to show them how very wrong they were to recommend we hold him back. He's doing just fine in 1st grade and positively loves it. Holding him back would have been the biggest mistake ever, as it wouldn't have addressed the real issue, ADHD.

He's rapidly making new friends in his new school and his best friend is a girl in his class who is also in 1st grade (the classroom is combined 1st & 2nd grade) and TALLER than Dane. This is the same little gal who was playing "kiss tag" with him during the first week of school.

His teacher also seems to really enjoy having him in class. Earlier this week I stopped in to ask her a question when I dropped Dane off (Derek had a class down in Holland to attend, so I was taking Dane to and from school 2 days this week) and she said that she wants to start a journal of funny things Dane says. Apparently he had told her the previous day that he needed to keep a pencil behind his ear to help his brain work better. She was puzzled by this and asked him why that would make him think better and his response was "Uncle Dan (my best friend's DH) told me that he keeps a pencil behind his ear to help him think." Apparently Dan had a pencil behind his ear a while back and Dane asked him why he put it there...his response was the brain thing....


After dropping him off one of those mornings I did my last long run (just over 14 miles) around Spring Lake. Pretty convenient, since the half marathon I will be running next weekend will go around the lake, so I know the course pretty well (when we lived down there we often biked around the lake, so it was already fairly familiar territory for me).

Speaking of Spring Lake, I am also working on my resumé for a part time job at a new fitness club in the area. It's one of those 24 hour joints with key cards that is staffed only a few hours/day. It would work perfectly for me to drop Dane off and pick him up from school AND have regular access to treadmills for running indoors when the Winter weather is nasty. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I at least get an interview.

That's really been a sticking point for me in recent years. I've had minimal luck landing interviews for entry-level jobs. I think a lot of employers don't want to consider a person with 2 BAs...but I don't have the experience in any field to pursue anything but entry level, so I'm in that proverbial spot between a rock and a hard place. I applied for a one-hour photo lab position at a Walgreens that is opening 10 minutes from us in a month, called to confirm that my application was received, and the guy I spoke with said they would be calling applicants at the end of this past week to set up interviews. The phone never rang. I'm more than qualified, but I'm sure they'd rather hire someone who has minimal qualifications and won't be as likely to demand more pay or leave when something better comes along.

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