School Daze

There's my "baby" on his first day of 1st grade at Walden Green Montessori Day School. He's already so much more mature than he was even 6 months ago. Derek drops him off at the curb in the morning and he trots right in to the building and gets himself to his classroom. No drawn-out hugs and kisses sessions in the morning like we did every morning of Kindergarten.

In the evenings getting information about his day out of him is damned near impossible, though. Basically all we know at this point is that he really likes his new school...which is great, as he was pretty apprehensive before school started. He was pretty upset by the prospect of having to make new friends and have a new teacher.

Tonite we have an open house at his school to attend, so I really look forward to seeing more of what he's done the past couple of days and to meet more with his teachers and maybe some parents of his classmates.

Next week he will start staying after school for an extra hour or two in after school care, as Derek is taking him to and from school each day. His work is just a couple of minutes from Dane's school, so it's pretty convenient. And next week I will be concentrating on my own job hunt. This week I have been occupied with school stuff and a photo order for my best friend and her riding student.

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