We're back to 4 cats, apparently. About 15 months after our sweet Gus died a new little rascal has decided to take advantage of our lack of will against feline wiles.

I returned from a short, but crappy run last evening to find the guys zoomin' around on their bikes in the driveway...while being CHASED by a little silver tabby guy of ~12 weeks. Friendliest little fuzzball I've ever met and very bold. Funny watching a tiny kitten chasing after a 1st grade boy and his big, barrel-chested dad on their bikes.

So I go indoors to start fixing dinner (salmon and brown rice). As the salmon is nearing the end of baking I ask Dane if he knows how much longer Derek will be in the garage (detached, on the opposite corner of our largeish lot). His response, "I don't know...he took the kitty out there with him." Danger, Danger, Will Robinson.

So Derek finally comes in as Dane and I are finishing eating. He has the kitty out there...with a litterbox and a fire blazing in the little woodstove and a jar of water to drink from. Oh, boy. Of course, not to be outdone I bring him out dishes of salmon, cat food, and some cheesy milk drink for cats that we bought and never used when Gus was so ill.

He inhaled it all. And next thing you know I'm at the grocery store at 10pm buying Kitten Chow (which was the only kitten food they had). Gah, we have no will power.

I suppose we *should* try to find his rightful "owners," but anyone who lets a little kitty out on his own at such a young age (especially when we had frost in the forecast for overnight) doesn't really deserve such a sweet little friend. He shows signs of fleas and ear mites and I'm certain he's got worms, too. Tomorrow I will be calling our vet to bring him in for a check-up and if he's in good health (ie no FIV or Feline Leukemia) I'm pretty certain we'll be getting him immunized and will start thinking about having him neutered in the not-too-distant future. Our old fart cats are just gonna LOVE us, I'm sure...NOT!

Oh, and the boys have already named him "Chase."



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