Words...words, words...

That little Chase is something else. What a gentle little personality--granted, he hasn't yet been introduced to our kitties and won't be until after a full round of flea and worm meds, vaccinations, etc.--but I really think he's not going to be the little stinker that Erik was when we brought him in as a little urchin. So far he mostly just wants to be nuzzled, loved, touching our faces with his paws or butting our chins with his head. And purring...non-stop. *sigh* What a little doll baby kitty!

A few descriptives for Chase...charming (as in Chase the Charming), gentle, trusting, uber affectionate, friendly, social, polite, bold, intelligent, playful, docile, loyal... I can only imagine how many more positive adjectives we'll find once he is in our house and settled-in.



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