Ahhh...and with that my race season ends

Such relief. I am really a bit burned-out, but I am still planning to do a full marathon at this time next year, assuming no injuries or training problems.

Today's race was a few minutes slower than my PR from 5 weeks ago, but considering my past month of training has been sub-par, allergy/sinus issues, and poor sleep thanks in part to a certain rescued fuzzy furbaby...well, things weren't really so bad.

And here are my final stats (I am SO average):
Chip time: 2:07:49
Pace: 9:46 / mile
Field Placement: 542 / 892 (60.8%)
Group Placement (F 30-34): 49 / 90 (54.4%)
Gender Placement: 273 / 544 (50.2%)

...and some pics

I'll write more details tomorrow, but I've now been up almost 17 hours and am coveting my pillow something fierce.




Is there anything bluer than the sky in Oct.!? Wow, it is gorgeous out...I am looking out the window at a beautiful sugar maple in brilliant shades of orange and yellow. The contrast between the tree and the intense blue sky is astounding. Amazing what low humidity does for our atmosphere in West MI.

The allergens still seem to be pretty bad...for almost 2 weeks I've had this sort of numb, dull ache with occasional bouts of mild dizziness...hello inner-ear/sinus issues. I can't wait for a really good, hard frost!

Just 2 more runs before my last race of the season, a half marathon on Sunday. I am feeling pretty burned-out and can't wait for a few months of lower mileage and relaxed runs...though I do NOT look forward to the miserable weather that will come along with that decreased mileage. Starting in the Spring I begin to train for my first full marathon next Fall.

I'm finally catching up on sleep...two nights ago we finally locked the baby kitty in the basement for the night after he commenced attacking Erik kitty as soon as we turned the lights out. Last night we put him down there with a dish of food before he could even pick a fight (in his mind he's playing, but Erik is a middle-aged cat who just wants peace and quiet after his people go to bed for the night). We will likely be sequestered in the basement most nights until he can learn to not be a little nocturnal asshat.

I'm in the process of changing the affiliate program connected to my Date Night Toys adult store. I've been advertising for a month on Google AdWords, have a good click-through rate, yet only 2 sales...so I'm -$60 in the hole. I have found that the current site is not all that easy to navigate or perform search functions with, so if it's difficult for me, I imagine that the average customer really doesn't have the patience for such an unintuitive store interface.

The store I will switching to can host my store using a subdomain of my own site (it will be store.datenighttoys.com) and it will be custom colored to match my doorway page, which I recently redid with a new primary graphic:
The site is MUCH easier to navigate, has a huge selection, good prices, lots of reviews, and VODs (video on demand) and other downloadable video clips. Pretty cool. Now I just hope it brings in some $$. My job search is pretty futile in this land of 8% unemployment--everyone wants experience and I have too much education for entry-level work. I can't even get an interview at Walgreens, fer pete's sake!


Can we get a hard frost, please?

Gah, I am sick of allergies. For about the past week I have had that sinus pain and pressure thing, sneezing, eyes that feel like they are bugging out of my head, lack of energy, shitty runs (actually, 3.5 weeks of those), and that buzzy/dizzy vertigo thing. I so wish we'd get a good hard freeze to kill the worst of the pollen, mold, and other assorted crap that is kicking my histamines into high gear.

My last big race of the year (a half-marathon) is in less than 2 weeks. It had been one of those big races I'd been looking forward to, but after my awesome effort 3.5 weeks ago my subsequent training runs have all been mediocre, at best, and downright godawful, at worst. So now I am just shooting for survival, not a new PR. I'm sure my sinus issues have not helped matters, nor has a certain formerly sweet kitty.

Chase USED to be such a nice little nighttime furbaby, but in the last week or two he has really been a twit. Last night he spent much of the dark hours harrassing Erik, who protested loudly. So instead of a quiet house we tried to sleep in one with alternating sounds of noisy kitten running (how is it that a 6# feline sounds like a rhino racing through the house?) and middle-aged cat yowling in annoyance.

The last 3 mornings I have woken, picked out clothes for Dane, gotten him up, made his lunch, and then went back to bed (Derek gives him breakfast and gets him loaded into the car) until late morning to at least give my body ample sleep to recover from runs and make up for sleep lost from kitten disturbances and sinus problems. I'm so over it.


The Chicago Marathon - 'The Onion' Style

One Dead, Hundreds Injured As Chicagoans Attempt To Run

The Onion

One Dead, Hundreds Injured As Chicagoans Attempt To Run

CHICAGO—One man died and over 300 others were seriously injured in downtown Chicago Sunday when thousands of the city's residents made an...


Why Running Is Better Than Sex

Posted by a friend of mine on Running Ahead:
1. Running is consistently longer than sex

2. It's easier to explain the injuries

3. Routes don't get jealous of other routes

4. You can freely discuss when, where, and how many friends you were with when you lost your running virginity

5. You actually want to remember when, where, and who . . .

6. It isn't embarrassing when people find out you train a lot on you own

7. It confuses the hell out of jealous spouses who can't figure out what they are jealous of and why it is so much fun

8. Nobody tells bad running jokes on prime time television

9. You don't have to hide your copies of Runners World or your race photos

10. It's good even if your running partner goes too fast for you


Tortoise vs. Hare - Slow, but steady, wins the race

Appetizer: Recipe for a crappy 12 mile run ~
half bottle of wine 2 nights prior
poor eating all week (ie minimal veggies, lots o' crap)
inadequate sleep for several nights running
high humidity
higher than normal temps

Mix well

This next week should be better, though. My legs finally don't feel so beat up after taking 2 full days off. My feet are a little annoyed by my new shoes (4th pair of same model, they're just a little stiff at the start. Probably should have put more than 8 miles on them before doing a long run in them).

This AM I did a long run with a friend who is running a half marathon with me in 3 weeks. And I wonder if she will ever learn that running like a jackrabbit (relatively speaking--we are both turtles) does little to get you running longer distances without needing to stop frequently. I should have had my iPod, as she was ahead of me for about the first 7 miles, often by 2-3 minutes. I caught up with her when she had to stop. She had to stop again at about 9 miles, but I kept going (did the entire 12 miles only stopping once with her for about 30 seconds to use my inhaler). I'm slow, but I don't run beyond my abilities--I'm a smart tortoise. Now she thinks she may have hip flexor issues.

Running slower = running further at consistent pace and even negative mile splits. Run too fast and burn out faster. I'd rather go the distance, even if it takes me forever to get there.


Gah, gross... *barf*

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since we had our little rescued kitten into the vet. We had him vaccinated and wormed (and treated him with Frontline to prevent fleas, which carry worms), since he had round worms. Well, apparently the worms are back--it's not uncommon for cats to need a second worming ~2 weeks after the first. Unfortunately, now that he is in our house we will have to worm ALL 4 of our cats, just to be safe.

Why would anyone want to let their cats outdoors when it so often means dealing with worms (my childhood cats always had fleas and worms, since there weren't good flea preventative treatments back in the 80s)? They seriously make me ill just to think about them. I mean, our cats sleep on our beds and the worms come wriggling out their butts, so I don't even want to pick up any of our cats right now....

Other than that he's still a really fantastic little guy. The cats have all adapted to him and Lola already likes him FAR more than Erik--who has always been a thorn in her side. Thor is no longer scowling at the world and even plays with Chase a little. And Erik seems to almost be happy with this new little playmate--Lola pretty much detests Erik and Thor is often too lazy to want to play.

Switched my Date Night Toys store over to version that has cheaper prices on products and lower commission (20% instead of 35%). In looking around it appears that the prices in the higher commission version are on the high side. The 20% commission store offers prices of 15-20% less on most items, which is much more competitive and should garner more sales--after all, 20% on a sale is more than 35% on no sale. Been working more on my Google Page Rank ads, too. Sure would be awesome to make a couple hundred bucks/week off of this venture.