Ahhh...and with that my race season ends

Such relief. I am really a bit burned-out, but I am still planning to do a full marathon at this time next year, assuming no injuries or training problems.

Today's race was a few minutes slower than my PR from 5 weeks ago, but considering my past month of training has been sub-par, allergy/sinus issues, and poor sleep thanks in part to a certain rescued fuzzy furbaby...well, things weren't really so bad.

And here are my final stats (I am SO average):
Chip time: 2:07:49
Pace: 9:46 / mile
Field Placement: 542 / 892 (60.8%)
Group Placement (F 30-34): 49 / 90 (54.4%)
Gender Placement: 273 / 544 (50.2%)

...and some pics

I'll write more details tomorrow, but I've now been up almost 17 hours and am coveting my pillow something fierce.


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