Can we get a hard frost, please?

Gah, I am sick of allergies. For about the past week I have had that sinus pain and pressure thing, sneezing, eyes that feel like they are bugging out of my head, lack of energy, shitty runs (actually, 3.5 weeks of those), and that buzzy/dizzy vertigo thing. I so wish we'd get a good hard freeze to kill the worst of the pollen, mold, and other assorted crap that is kicking my histamines into high gear.

My last big race of the year (a half-marathon) is in less than 2 weeks. It had been one of those big races I'd been looking forward to, but after my awesome effort 3.5 weeks ago my subsequent training runs have all been mediocre, at best, and downright godawful, at worst. So now I am just shooting for survival, not a new PR. I'm sure my sinus issues have not helped matters, nor has a certain formerly sweet kitty.

Chase USED to be such a nice little nighttime furbaby, but in the last week or two he has really been a twit. Last night he spent much of the dark hours harrassing Erik, who protested loudly. So instead of a quiet house we tried to sleep in one with alternating sounds of noisy kitten running (how is it that a 6# feline sounds like a rhino racing through the house?) and middle-aged cat yowling in annoyance.

The last 3 mornings I have woken, picked out clothes for Dane, gotten him up, made his lunch, and then went back to bed (Derek gives him breakfast and gets him loaded into the car) until late morning to at least give my body ample sleep to recover from runs and make up for sleep lost from kitten disturbances and sinus problems. I'm so over it.

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  1. Aww...I hope you get that frost--i don't have allergies but am ready for colder weather in order to get rid of the flies! Hope you get some rest too!