Gah, gross... *barf*

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since we had our little rescued kitten into the vet. We had him vaccinated and wormed (and treated him with Frontline to prevent fleas, which carry worms), since he had round worms. Well, apparently the worms are back--it's not uncommon for cats to need a second worming ~2 weeks after the first. Unfortunately, now that he is in our house we will have to worm ALL 4 of our cats, just to be safe.

Why would anyone want to let their cats outdoors when it so often means dealing with worms (my childhood cats always had fleas and worms, since there weren't good flea preventative treatments back in the 80s)? They seriously make me ill just to think about them. I mean, our cats sleep on our beds and the worms come wriggling out their butts, so I don't even want to pick up any of our cats right now....

Other than that he's still a really fantastic little guy. The cats have all adapted to him and Lola already likes him FAR more than Erik--who has always been a thorn in her side. Thor is no longer scowling at the world and even plays with Chase a little. And Erik seems to almost be happy with this new little playmate--Lola pretty much detests Erik and Thor is often too lazy to want to play.

Switched my Date Night Toys store over to version that has cheaper prices on products and lower commission (20% instead of 35%). In looking around it appears that the prices in the higher commission version are on the high side. The 20% commission store offers prices of 15-20% less on most items, which is much more competitive and should garner more sales--after all, 20% on a sale is more than 35% on no sale. Been working more on my Google Page Rank ads, too. Sure would be awesome to make a couple hundred bucks/week off of this venture.


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