Tortoise vs. Hare - Slow, but steady, wins the race

Appetizer: Recipe for a crappy 12 mile run ~
half bottle of wine 2 nights prior
poor eating all week (ie minimal veggies, lots o' crap)
inadequate sleep for several nights running
high humidity
higher than normal temps

Mix well

This next week should be better, though. My legs finally don't feel so beat up after taking 2 full days off. My feet are a little annoyed by my new shoes (4th pair of same model, they're just a little stiff at the start. Probably should have put more than 8 miles on them before doing a long run in them).

This AM I did a long run with a friend who is running a half marathon with me in 3 weeks. And I wonder if she will ever learn that running like a jackrabbit (relatively speaking--we are both turtles) does little to get you running longer distances without needing to stop frequently. I should have had my iPod, as she was ahead of me for about the first 7 miles, often by 2-3 minutes. I caught up with her when she had to stop. She had to stop again at about 9 miles, but I kept going (did the entire 12 miles only stopping once with her for about 30 seconds to use my inhaler). I'm slow, but I don't run beyond my abilities--I'm a smart tortoise. Now she thinks she may have hip flexor issues.

Running slower = running further at consistent pace and even negative mile splits. Run too fast and burn out faster. I'd rather go the distance, even if it takes me forever to get there.

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