Is there anything bluer than the sky in Oct.!? Wow, it is gorgeous out...I am looking out the window at a beautiful sugar maple in brilliant shades of orange and yellow. The contrast between the tree and the intense blue sky is astounding. Amazing what low humidity does for our atmosphere in West MI.

The allergens still seem to be pretty bad...for almost 2 weeks I've had this sort of numb, dull ache with occasional bouts of mild dizziness...hello inner-ear/sinus issues. I can't wait for a really good, hard frost!

Just 2 more runs before my last race of the season, a half marathon on Sunday. I am feeling pretty burned-out and can't wait for a few months of lower mileage and relaxed runs...though I do NOT look forward to the miserable weather that will come along with that decreased mileage. Starting in the Spring I begin to train for my first full marathon next Fall.

I'm finally catching up on sleep...two nights ago we finally locked the baby kitty in the basement for the night after he commenced attacking Erik kitty as soon as we turned the lights out. Last night we put him down there with a dish of food before he could even pick a fight (in his mind he's playing, but Erik is a middle-aged cat who just wants peace and quiet after his people go to bed for the night). We will likely be sequestered in the basement most nights until he can learn to not be a little nocturnal asshat.

I'm in the process of changing the affiliate program connected to my Date Night Toys adult store. I've been advertising for a month on Google AdWords, have a good click-through rate, yet only 2 sales...so I'm -$60 in the hole. I have found that the current site is not all that easy to navigate or perform search functions with, so if it's difficult for me, I imagine that the average customer really doesn't have the patience for such an unintuitive store interface.

The store I will switching to can host my store using a subdomain of my own site (it will be store.datenighttoys.com) and it will be custom colored to match my doorway page, which I recently redid with a new primary graphic:
The site is MUCH easier to navigate, has a huge selection, good prices, lots of reviews, and VODs (video on demand) and other downloadable video clips. Pretty cool. Now I just hope it brings in some $$. My job search is pretty futile in this land of 8% unemployment--everyone wants experience and I have too much education for entry-level work. I can't even get an interview at Walgreens, fer pete's sake!

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