Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

So I spent the day working on my folks' holiday card design. I hope to get theirs and ours sent to my printer tomorrow.

I ran yesterday and the day before...I think I may have set my recovery from my bug/infection back a bit. My run on Tues. felt pretty good, but yesterday's was a struggle. It doesn't help that it's been cold with windchills in the teens. I think I asked too much of my lungs. Today I've been coughing quite a bit, again. Hopefully I will feel up to doing 10 miles or so by tomorrow. It's supposed to be really cold, again, so that will be a factor, depending upon how I feel. Sat. is forecast with better weather, but DH will be likely be working a JDRF benefit food booth at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with 2 shows (that we wish we could afford tickets to).


Just as I suspected...

I have some sort of sinus/lung infection (coughing up copious quantities of green crap and my lungs feel about half capacity), so I am on good ol' Septra DS antibiotics for the next 14 days. Hopefully I will feel like a new woman by tomorrow. Usually I feel mostly well by 24-48 hours after starting a course of antibiotics for this sort of respiratory garbage.

Due to my lung issues I have managed only one half-assed run in the past week. I hope I can get a run in tomorrow and 4 for the week. I want to run tomorrow, Weds., Fri., and Sat. I REALLY need to get a long one in at some point--hopefully I will feel up to it Fri., as that will mark 2 weeks since my last long run.

I did get to use my Garmin for the first time on Saturday. My average pace was a good 30 seconds slower than normal for an easy run of that distance:
Motion Based log
It was neato (seeing just how slow I was going during my entire run)...though the elevation profile seems pretty off. Hopefully I can figure out if there's a problem with the unit over my next few runs.



Stir Crazy

5 days. That's how many days I have gone without running. That's the longest non-running span I have had since I started almost 2 years ago. The longest I had gone prior was 4 days when I was in LA, but then I did a lot of walking. This cold/bronchitis/sinus infection business is for the birds. I have had my Garmin for the better part of a week and have yet to do it. So today I am planning to brave the cold, wind, and risk that I will leave a lung somewhere and get out to try out my gadget. I also desperately need to move...burn some calories, get out of the house. Of all the times to get sick--when it's high eating season--ack!

My brother and his GF left yesterday in the early afternoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks at Grant's graduation (he's getting his master's in some sort of Enginerd program) and then again at Christmas. We had a lot of fun the couple of days that they were here.


Evil has settled in my lungs

Yech. Last thing I want to do is clean house, but my brother and his GF are coming on Weds., so it must be done. Anyone have a spare set of lungs to lend me for a few days? No planned running today. I've got that tight cough...gotta get a cough suppressant/expectorant.



Give a - give a - give a - give a Garmin!

You know the running bug has bit hard when you lust after something which possesses more than a passing resemblance to the uber-geeky calculator watch of the '80s.

For months I have been lusting over the Garmin Forerunner. I thought they were kinda cool, but unnecessary when I first started running...then I ran my first 15k this past June--a race with mostly unmarked or very poorly marked miles. As a result I ran it much slower than I had planned, since I was afraid of going out too fast and then experiencing crash-and-burn...and without mile markers I really couldn't gauge my pace much at all. I hauled ass for the last mile, but that was too late to make up for 8+ miles of taking it too casually.

I have a couple of friends who have the Forerunner and it's really nice for long runs, too, since there are no mile markers in the real world. As they run they know their pace and distance (and elevation profiles). The only way I have been able to track these things is by manually mapping my runs via my log on RunningAHEAD.com. Eventually this log site will also have Garmin integration, which is going to be an added bonus.

I had mostly been coveting the 205 model, which is the same as the 305, but without the heart rate monitor--which I doubt I would use much at all (I've been running for almost 2 years without knowing my heartrate and believe that I do pretty well pacing myself based upon how I feel). But there is currently a $50 rebate on the 305 which brings the price (~$150 after rebate) down to within $10 of the 205, so I pulled the trigger.

This will be my early Christmas present. DH is picking up a new Cannondale mountain bike today...my $150 wrist-mounted GPS gadget (and the new Winter specific running shoes with removable ice spikes I have on order) pales in comparison to his ~$1500 bike, which pales in comparison to his $3500 road bike. It's gonna be a fit Christmas this year in the Dykstra household!




Promising news for our little monkey

NY Times ADHD research article The news media was heavily discussing this new research yesterday. As the mother of a child with ADHD it was very encouraging to see the result of scientfic study of his disorder. The new findings really mesh so strongly with the sorts of things we have seen with Dane for most of his life. The inability to focus and delayed fine motor skills. It's also reassuring to see that there's a strong likelihood that he will eventually not require stimulent meds to help him focus and not have inappropriate levels of activity for the classroom.

This new research has found that kids with ADHD have brains that develop slower than their "normal" counterparts, but that these kids eventually do catch-up. This has me wondering if Dane's delay in most developmental milestones (for instance walking and talking) could have been early ADHD issues. He's pretty famous for hitting these milestones at the very tail end of what is considered typical, yet once he does he almost always exceeds what is expected of a kid his age. We have seen his reading abilities to be a prime example of this. He almost stubbornly fought learning to read...then within a matter of a month went from slowly sounding out words to reading longer and more complex phrases with expression--especially texts with a variety of characters speaking. And he very rapidly went from reading aloud to preferring to read silently.

The thing that still has me frustrated, however, is the general lack of understanding of or empathy for these kids. I was very saddened to read the comments following the above article...so many people referring to children with ADHD as "monsters," or "bad" (or still insisting that it's a matter of bad parenting and that corporal punishment is the solution). Anyone who knows Dane would never attach such labels to him or suggest that his behavior is the result of lax parenting. While he may be overly active, he's never been aggressive or angry. Frustrated, yes, but never have his actions included harming another child. If anything he'd fit the class clown mold. Dane's a very affectionate, sensitive, polite, and witty little guy. There's a reason that his closest friends have almost always been girls...he's very much like his father and his uncle (my brother) in that respect.


Phew...what a busy week -- so glad it's Saturday!

On Monday we had Dane's parent/teacher conferences. His teacher told us in no uncertain terms that she thinks he's a "brilliant" (her term) kid. We told her that at kindergarten screening they wanted to hold him back and she was utterly shocked. But everything happens for a reason...had we not been so irritated with that school district we never would have put him into the Montessori school near us last year for kindergarten and he would not be in the outstanding Montessori charter school he is at, now. We absolutely love his school and so does he. I think it's going to help mold him into an amazing, mature, sensitive kid with no fear of independence or creative thought.

As a reward for that stellar report I took Dane to Barnes & Noble to pick out some books. Just in the past month his reading has really taken off. Of course, now we can no longer spell things like C-A-N-D-Y or P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S in an effort to keep things from him. There will be no secrets in Dane's presence.

I felt like I was running around a lot this week, since Dane had half days each day and his school is 30 minutes away. Derek would take him in the mornings on his way to work, then I had to be at Dane's school by 11:15 to pick him up. On Thurs. I picked him up, then later in the afternoon we went back down that way to see a movie with friends.

As for running, I have only gotten one 4 miler in since my half marathon. I had intended to run for an hour yesterday, but had a fall-down-go-boom episode (in the house...just walking and talking on the phone...oops) and banged up my left knee pretty bad. So I decided that running on a fresh hemotoma wasn't such a great idea. Today I plan to do 7 easy miles or so.